Aamir considers Salman, Shahrukh a big star in stardom

New Delhi: Actor Aamir khan whose upcoming film ‘Dangal’ will hit the silver screen on 23 December said aura of the other two khan- Salman and Shahrukh is far bigger than him.Aamir said he lacks the stardom and DNA of acting that his counterpart enriched with.

While speaking in news Delhi with reporters on Bhaskar Utsav organized by Dainik Bhaskar group, the actor said he never felt like a star. He lacks the aura that usually found around the big star.

The 51-year old actor was asked what according to him lacking in himself as compared to the other two khans. He replied when Salman and Shahrukh arrived, it actually feels like a star has come.

Aamir revealed his weakness with the media and said over the year he has turned less judgemental.  ” I learnt there is a lot of gray area between white and black”. “Earlier, I was not facing this problem and capable of taking a decision about what was right and what was wrong for me. Throughout the years I realized that different situation defines right and wrong” the actor said.

On being asked about the film where he did lots of hard work, Aamir replied in PK he had to go through physical and mental pain. I had to act like an alien which is new in Indian cinema. It was challenging task for me and I gave my best.

Talking about upcoming release Dangal, Aamir said Girls are an integral part of our society and we should stop discriminating against them. He said girls have more caliber than boys. They are showing their strong visibility in Education, Sports, and almost every field. My film Dangal will effectively showcase the caliber of women which is based on the life of two wrestlers. Wrestler Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat, who belong to the small town of Haryana, came out from the four walls of the home and win the medal for the country.

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