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Once upon a time when Rishi Kapoor had cup of tea with Dawood

New Delhi: Erstwhile superstar actor Rishi Kapoor is one of those in the country who got the opportunity to meet underworld Don Dawood Ibharim and enjoyed his hospitality. Rishi shares his memory about his four-hour meeting with Dawood in Dubai in his autobiography, which is recently released.

While revealing about his meeting, Rishi said it was the time of 1988 when he was at the helm of Indian cinema. Everyone knows my name, so as the absconder Dawood. But it was only after 1993 Mumbai’s gory bomb blast when Dawood became a household name for hatching the conspiracy.

Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim (file photo)
Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim (file photo)

In the overwhelming glory of fame and success, I got the opportunity to meet many new people, so as Dawood came his way in 1988. Rishi said he went to Dubai on the assistance of his close friend Bittu Anand to attend the program of Asha Bhosle and RD Burman. One of the close aides of Dawood always stationed at Airport, who contacted me and said Dawood Sahab wish to talk to you.

Dawood Spoke to him very warmly and said He was one of the admirers of him. He asked to call him freely if he (Rishi) had need of something in Dubai and also invited for a cup of tea. Appalled Rishi couldn’t deny the offer as he was considering him as an Indian Big Businessman living in Dubai.

Later in the trip, Rishi said, one fatty man, considered to be a right hand of Dawood, looking like a Britisher approached him and said Dawood Sahab wishes to meet him. Rishi found nothing wrong in the meeting and accepted the proposal. A brand new Rolls Royce came to my hotel later in the evening. I and Dabbu boarded in the car. We realized it later that route taken by the driver was such that we couldn’t locate his residence later.

Dawood welcomed us warmly. In the gesture of saying sorry, he said he invited us for a cup of tea because he doesn’t consume alcohol. Our Tea and cookies session lasted for almost four hours. We had many cups of Tea during the chat. Dawood also divulged us about some of his criminal activities for which he had no regrets, Rishi said.

He had confessed to having taken part in some theft-related incident when he was in Mumbai, Albeit he had declined to murder anybody in his life, but divulge that many people were murdered back in Mumbai on his pretext. He said one person was murdered in Mumbai because he had lied him. Rishi said he can’t exactly recall what Dawood had said. He might say that guy was murdered because he went against the order of Allah.

Dawood had said he was the messenger of God, that’s why we shot at his tongue followed by his head. One courtroom killing scene in 1985 release ‘Arjun’ was adopted from this real life incident. ‘Don liked my film Tawaif the most. He had also appreciated his Father Rajkapoor and uncle’s acting during the meeting,” Rishi said adding that he was nervous when he was before the meeting but get relaxed during the four-hour interaction. Don once again offered to call him if I need something.

Rishi bumped with Don second time in 1989 when was in one of the malls of Dubai with wife Nitu. Rishi is fond of buying branded shoes and they reached the famous store of Red Shoes Company where Dawood was also present. Rishi said Dawood was there with his around 8 to 10 bodyguard and having a mobile phone in hand. He also gave me his mobile number. At that time mobile phone culture had not come in India.

Dawood offered him to buy anything in the mall for free. He would pay for them, Rishi politely denied the offer. During the talk, He had said he was absconding from India because he knew Indian establishment would not give him justice. He said many political leaders in India was in his pocket. If he needs any help in India he can contact me. On this, Rishi said: ‘I am a small artist, please keep me out of this.”


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