Smriti had declined to give her personal detail to anybody

Smriti refuses to divulge her degree detail: SOL tells CIC

New Delhi: Uproar over the Educational Qualification of Union Minister Smriti Irani was not yet subsided, when the new revelation of the Delhi University’s school of open learning (SOL) may create fresh woes for the minister.

SOL, in its reply to Central Information commission (CIC) said Smriti Irani didn’t wish to reveal her educational credentials and had told us that her information to be kept private. DU informed that giving information under Right to information to the third party was not permitted as per rule. That is the reason why the applicant was deprived of the information.

CIC has issued the fresh notice against DU asking them why its earlier order of producing the degree of Smriti Irani before it was not implemented. DU is directed to come up with Irani’s educational qualification record on the next date of hearing.

The complainant had earlier told the CIC that Smriti Irani had given contradictory information about her educational qualification before Election commission in her different affidavits before contesting 2004,  2011 and 2014 election.

In 2004, When she had contested Lok Sabha election for the first time from Delhi’s Chandni Chowk constituency, Irani declared that she had passed BA from Delhi University in 1996. However, contradicting her claim in the next affidavit while contesting Rajya Sabha election from Gujarat in 2011, Irani said she had just passed B.Com part-1.

Delhi court has already declined the plea of calling Irani as a accused of giving false information to the election commission citing long delay in filing the case. However, one such matter was still pending before CIC.

The complainant had approached CIC as DU declined to give information on the ground that he the third party in the case and not entitled to receive this information. DU told the CIC that on the basis of the application they had approached Smriti Irani asking her that whether she has any problem with revelation  To this, she declined to give her personal information to anybody.

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